[ Fintech Software ]
With decades of experience in dealing with digital money, we specialize in design and implementation of bespoke applications for the financial sector. From risk mitigation systems to banking portals and online payment gateways, we always put the security and reliability of our products at the top of requirements list. Having successfully implemented our solutions across European and American markets, we can provide our experience to inspire innovation without compromising quality.
[ VoIP Applications ]
Having recognized the great potential of digital call processing, we joined voip market in 2005 with our purpose-built wholesale exchange software. Since then, we have been working relentlessly on lowering the barrier of entry for new businesses interested in incorporating voip into their structures. We took the know-how gained through wholesale developments and turned it into a foundation of the next generation call center platforms, available as single- and multi-tenant solutions across our Latin America locations.
[ Embedded Solutions ]
From high level APIs to bare metal instructions, we design and develop bespoke hardware products and smart home appliances. Our solutions include scalable hosting for the project’s back office as well as end user mobile apps and web portals. Taking advantage of the latest open source and commercial tools, are solutions provide native integration with well-established and recognized platforms. From enterprise single sign-on to distributed automation, we maximize ROI every step of the way.
[ Digital Marketing Platforms ]
Our integration platforms provide unparalleled ease of data exchange between numerous accounting, SEO and PPC products. They have been successfully implemented by third parties as well as our own subsidiaries in Europe and the Americas. Through unified data formats and self-hosted software products, we managed to streamline all stages of SEM marketing campaigns: from customer acquisition to post-sales support.
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